1. Introduction

The matters posted on this website are for the purpose of providing information on private equity investment, etc., in addition to information on the Company, and are not for the purpose of solicitation. Please make the final investment decision the sole responsibility of the user. Please note that the contents are subject to change or abolition without notice.

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6. Disclaimer

All content displayed on this website is current as of the day it is published, and any opinions or forecasts are based on available information at that time. The Company reserves the right to amend any such information without prior notice.
In addition, there is no guarantee that the information displayed on this website is up to date. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the information herein in this website, and is not liable for any loss or damage, arising from the use of such information.
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9. About site policy revision announcement

From time to time, the Company may make changes to all or part of the Terms of Use. If and when important changes are made, the Company will publish details of such change on the website for a specific period of time.

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