We primarily focus our investments on small and midsize enterprise.
We will fully assist our portfolio companies through hands-on support and financing
to bring out and enhance their potential growth.

Investment Policy

Three Core Principles

We provide support through investment in companies that could create a positive impact on society.
Here are three primary principles of our investment.

Growth potential

We examine how our investment can facilitate the company's long-term, self-sustaining growth.

When exiting, we follow our principle and carefully choose the acquirer so that the deal will not hinder the company's further growth.

Friendly partnership

Our support and commitment are never one-directional.

We ensure that we build friendly relationships with the portfolio companies and involve them in the decision-making process.

Social impact

We aim to support businesses that can make a difference and positively impact society.

The selection of business partners during our support process will be considered in the same principle to provide high-quality products and services to society.

Growth Support

For self-sustained growth

Our investments involve concrete growth strategies,
and the plan will be put into action in collaboration with the company.
Here are several key areas in which we offer support.


Enabling in-house M&As (Roll-ups)

Scaling up the business through M&As will not only increase revenue but also enhance the overall strength of the company. We offer comprehensive support, including identifying potential M&A candidates, conducting due diligence, and managing post-merger integration.

These processes are carried out “in collaboration with” the company, rather than “on its behalf”. Consequently, the company will acquire expertise in M&A, enabling it to manage deals themselves.

We also introduce new clients and business partners to enable revenue growth, leveraging Daiwa Securities Group's network.


Optimizing decision making

We start by creating a system to collect necessary data for effective management. Reconstruction of the budget and performance management system comes next, followed by swift execution of required actions based on visualized KPIs to accelerate PDCA cycles.

We leverage our expertise in business management to provide support in marketing, cost reduction, and HR evaluation as well.


Improving workflows through DX

DX stands for “Digital Transformation”, a Japanese phrase that describes the integration of digital tools in business workflows. We promote DX during our support process with the assistance of external experts.

Our DX support aims to improve the total workflow of the company while reducing unnecessary costs.

Additional support in financial and HR strategies

As part of our financial support, we assist in negotiating with financial institutions and preparation for IPO.

We also provide HR support on recruiting scarce or in-demand professionals using our business network.